Lose Weight Fast, Safely and Easily
In Just a Few Weeks with 'Slim Image'

The Slim Image Program is a medically and scientifically proven weight loss program. You'll lose weight quickly and safely, and while exercise will help you lose weight and retone your appearance, it is not essential to your successful weight loss.

  • Lose 4 to 7 lbs per week!
  • No Starvation Diet
  • No Diet Pills
  • No Counting Calories or Points
  • No Pre-Packaged Meals
  • Monitored by a Board-Certified M.D.
  • Eat Every Day Food - Dine Out If You Like!

Our clients improve their metabolism and health. Within weeks, you will reduce the amount of medication required to control diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. You will improve your heart and lung functions, see visible weight loss, feel healthier, and have more energy...
...you get it all, without feeling hungry!

Our Slim Image program works because it is easy to do, safe, and improves your metabolism at the same time we are targeting you caloric intake!

Call us today, 636-399-5590, and tell us you want a Slim Image, FAST!

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How It Works

You know that your self-image is the mental image you have of yourself how you see your own abilities, weaknesses, and limitations. Losing weight requires that you break free of any negative self-concepts and allow yourself to take action and make changes in your life. We are going to give you the tools and the attitude to change, now!

Slim Image is the most successful and effective weight loss program available. We want to help you lose weight effectively, easily, and without those drastic measures! No starvation diets, no counting calories or points, no prepackaged meals, pills, shakes, or intense exercise. While a few people can do those programs effectively, most experience rapid weight gain when the program is over.

The Slim Image system not only targets your calorie intake, but also improves your metabolism helping you to burn stored fat faster than any other weight loss program without an extreme diet or moderate exercise.

No one describes hunger or fatigue while on our diet, and most people lose at least a half pound a day on the Slim Image system. It is perfectly safe for anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

We have successfully treated both men and women, from ages 18 to 74. Although each has their own weight loss target, the great majority lost more than 25 pounds in 8 weeks! We also provide you a cream that helps curb your appetite, increases your metabolism and energy, and improves your sense of well being.

We have helped dozens of patients to lose more than 100 lbs in less than a year! Our patients not only reach their desired weight loss but they learn to keep the weight off after the program is over.

Your New Slim Image is Healthier

Our patients enjoy major improvements in cholesterol levels, blood pressure, sleep apnea, heart disease, and diabetes. On this program, patients have been able to reduce their medications sometimes able to quit additional medications entirely as their bodies become healthier!

The Slim Image program is not just a diet. It is individually configured to your needs, physician supervised, less expensive, and more effective than other competing weight loss programs. Your system includes:

  • Lab work to allow us to tailor the program specifically to your body
  • Slim Image creme (curbs appetite, increases metabolism, energy & well being)
  • Weekly visits
  • Unlimited use of the Whole Body Vibration exercise machine (10 minutes on this machine is the equivalent of 100 minutes on a treadmill!)
  • Private access to the member's only section of this web site, which includes lots of great recipes, and instructions on the Glycemic index to chose the best foods for you.

Fast and Dramatic Results! You will lose 4 to 7 pounds each week, and that motivates you to stick to the program. After reaching your weight goal, you will be seen two more times to assist your transition helping you keep the weight off! You'll also have tips for how to eat right for optimal health and weight control.

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Doctor Supervised

Slim Image was developed by Roque Ramos, MD, in the course of overcoming his personal weight control concerns. Now, having achieved and maintained his desired weight and health for more than 10 years, he is sharing his successful program with his patients.

Like you, Dr. Ramos was feeling his excess weight slow him down, and was taking medication to help maintain his cholesterol. After developing his own plan and controlling his weight, he no longer needs the medication--and he wants the same positive results for you!

Dr. Ramos completed his residency in internal medicine at St. Luke's Hospital through the University of Missouri in St. Louis. He also completed a fellowship in internal medicine and geriatrics at Saint Louis University Hospital. Dr. Ramos is an internist on staff at St. Lukes Hospital in Chesterfield, Missouri, in addition to his private practice.

Dr. Ramos' areas of special interest include asthma, cardiology, diabetes, geriatrics, hypertension, osteoporosis, physical fitness and nutrition. He is also fluent in both English and Spanish.

Dr. Ramos personally meets every patient to discuss your individual medical history and learn your particular needs. He'll also review your lab results to help you move quickly towards your new Slim Image, and work with you throughout the program to monitor your success, and if needed help you overcome any obstacles.

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Client Reviews

We've asked several of our patients to tell us how they started the program, how they felt as they were losing all those pounds, and how they feel now!

John and Janice-

It is wonderful to be rejuvenated and so enthusiastic about life again--We both fully recommend the concept of Slim Image. It is by far the best way to achieve success at shedding those unwanted pounds and inches. The diet is simple, the cream and the B-12 decrease appetite and give you the energy you need to stay true and motivated. We certainly like our "new look" and thank Dr. Ramos for this wonderful program!


I whole-heartedly recommend Slim Image as the best way to lose weight and get into shape. Dr. Ramo's, Bev and Amy are so helpful and caring. They constantly monitor my progress and give me advice and encouragement. Dr. Ramos truly individualizes the plan to fit my needs-this has been the biggest factor in my success. Thank you, Slim Image, for getting me on the way back to my true self!


I've lost 23 pounds in 3 weeks! Need I say more?! This is awesome. At age 27, I'm changing my whole future!


I cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done for me...you have changed my life!


What a wonderful and easy weight loss program. Especially for anyone over 55 who over the years has gained weight they don't need--and cannot lose, as they may not be fit enough for a rigorous gym exercise program. All aspects of the Slim Image program work well. The meal plan, cream, and 10 minute, no sweat exercise program, etc. So far, I have shed 35 unwanted pounds, and hope to lose more in the future. Thank you, Dr. Ramos-you have a great weight reduction program.


I have been wanting to do something about my weight for a long time, but let the excuses get in my way. Then, my husband started the program, and sang its praises to me. As I watched his energy level go up, and his waistline shrink, he kept encouraging me to at least come in and talk to the doctor. I was amazed at how quickly I began to see and FEEL results-- I couldn't get over how much better I felt! I have Crohn's disease and arthritis, and some days it's hard to get out of bed. But since starting the program, I feel much better. Yes, I still have joint pain and abdominal pain, but not like I did before. I feel energized, healthy, and proud!

Thank you Dr. Ramos and staff for everything!


I've had a bypass, and have a very bad knee--and every diet said I would need to do at least moderate exercise. I just couldn't do it. Then I found Slim Image. I've lost 63 pounds. I'm a grandmother, and now, I love the way I look!


After numerous diet programs--to which I have adhered faithfully--I once again put on weight. Now, with the Slim Image cream, I am losing weight and feeling better than I have in years! I had just aboutgiven up hope, but now I am encouraged that I can once again be the slim person I was before menopause.


Being on the Slim Image diet has dramatically increased my energy and self-esteem. Immediately, I noticed a difference in my ability to exercise longer, and a decrease in my appetite. People have commented on the difference in my physical appearance and attitude.


This has been the BEST--not diet--but Change of Life I have ever had! So simple! And I feel better than I have ever felt! The support and encouragement from Dr. Ramos and his staff is also a HUGE factor in the success. Thank you to all of you for the New and Improved Me!


I want to thank Dr. Ramos for putting me on the right track. With the help of the Slim Image cream, I lost 26 pounds in 2 months, and still going!


I have tried to lose weight dozens of times! Slim Image works! I went on vacation and came back 3 pounds lighter. Thanks Slim Image!


I feel amazingly better than I have ever felt in my adult life! I owe you so much--you listened to me, you take such excellent care of me--that I am selfishly, eternally grateful and blessed


The Slim Image diet has positively changed my life! The weight loss has brought on a renewed self-confidence and increased my self-esteem. I can't thank Dr. Ramos enough for his help!